Mandates of the Ministry

Mandates of the Ministry of Public Works & Transport
In terms of the constitution of Puntland Government of Somalia article 83 and the
presidential bylaw 2000 article 1 – article 10 these legislations charges the Ministry of Public
Works & Transport with responsibility for the management of all Puntland public assets and
all public works related authorities & agencies exist in Puntland. It provides full
responsibility to:
• To plan, design, construct and maintain Puntland public assets such as hospitals,
schools, police stations, prisons, courts, theaters, public sewage schemes and other
Comprehensive Ministry Profile Document
infrastructures such as roads, ports, runways & bridges in collaboration with line-
Ministries and Local Governments.
• To empower the capacity of the local governments’ technical departments
• To register, categorize & regulate the quality of the:
 Private Architects
 Private Surveyors
 Private Construction contractors
 Private consultants for buildings & civil works
• To create Puntland National Construction Codes
• To increase the capacity of the workers of the public works and provide safe
environment working places.
The Ministry performs project management functions with regard to all government and
government sponsored developments in Puntland State.